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Day 23: Favorite Gossip Girl Cast Magazine Spread/Campaign:

Gossip Girl invaded pop culture when it debuted in the fall of 2007, inspiring collections at New York Fashion Week, causing uproar over their advertising, making unknown bands mainstream, all along with the fascination of their cast members.  Everyone’s favorite blonde and brunette saw some action with a double cover issue of Nylon.  Not to be outdone by everyone’s obsession for Chuck and Blair.  They did a cover and photoshoot for ELLE Korea – sexy-vamp style. Then Ed and Leighton also did a campaign for a Korean clothing line Ask Enquired in 2009. The shots from it are amazing and beautiful and so Gossip Girl themed – they were the perfect pair to do the campaign. 

click on the first pic to scroll thru and get a better look.

source: LeightonMeesterWeb

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